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Chequered t'apatana throw, perfect for the great British weather

Chequered t'apatana throw, perfect for the great British weather

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This thick winter scarf is the perfect accessory for the Great British weather: thick and tight knit fabric to protect from wind, warm against the winter chill, and stylish. We have many different colour variations, each as fashionable and chic as the other. Your perfect style is right here. Each one of these scarves is unique, as they are handmade by Ecuadorian artisans.


Their fibre is part alpaca, part sheep wool, in an approximately 90-10 blend to suit longevity and shape best, however there might also be cotton or, in rare occasions, acrylic in it, with these handmade products we can never guarantee the exact fibre content as the artisans will work with the fibres they have available to them at the time.



• Hand wash OR machine wash in cold water with reduced spin

• Use regular detergent

• Do not bleach

• Lay flat to dry or hang on a washing line


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