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Incan patterned handwoven Ikat scarves

Incan patterned handwoven Ikat scarves

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These beautiful, Inca-patterned handwoven Ikat scarves are handmade by artisans using traditional weaving techniques. Get the look of luxury without compromising on quality. Wrap yourself in genuine artisan craftsmanship.

As all of these scarves are handmade, they are unique, no two are the same. This also means that the product you will receive will not 100% match these pictures, but we try our best to find the best match! Differences usually are thickness / length of pattern, colour variations within the pattern, etc.

The textile technique used to create these masterpieces, called ikat, is derived from the term Mengikat, which in Malay means “to tie, knot or roll”. The technique is ancient and is one of the most complex in the world. It consists of dying strands of wool, silk or cotton thread that, prior to weaving, are knotted and tied with another thread to resist the dye and preserve the original color. The colors penetrate each other and the dye slightly colors the edges of the reversed areas of fiber, creating the typical blurred profiles that this type of cloth presents. The success of the design will depend on how the fibers have been dyed and knotted before weaving on the loom. 


The material used is usually cotton and/ or linen, but night also have an element of alpaca or Dralon, however in a neglectable quantity.

The material used is approximately 50% Cotton and 50% Linen.


• Hand wash OR machine wash on a cold cycle with reduced spin

• Use regular detergent

• Do not bleach

• Lay flat to dry or hang on a washing line


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