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Light and soft alpaca wool poncho scarf

Light and soft alpaca wool poncho scarf

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Crafted with love in Ecuador, this exquisite handwoven, soft to the touch poncho is the perfect blanket throw to snuggle up when the British weather turns cold and grey. Crafted from at least 50% alpaca wool, this stylish winter wear keeps you warm and looking fabulous while being soft and comfortable. Add a unique, handmade fashion statement to your wardrobe with this one-of-a-kind piece. Its buttons open and close makes it easy to take on and off if you're undecided.

These ponchos are handmade by Ecuadorian artisans in the Andes with unique techniques and designs. The luxurious ponchos are not only beautiful, and unique but they will keep you very warm during winter and fall with style. These ponchos are open in the front and hooded, and can be used by women and men.

In order to manufacture an affordable, more durable and wearable poncho, its fibers need to contain a mixture of usually around 50% alpaca wool and 50% Dralon, which is a high quality acrylic fibre that is softer than wool and helps to make the products less scratchy and less vulnerable to machine wash. Making an alpaca wool plaid by hand takes about a month, and the availability of alpaca wool is not always guaranteed. So the artisanos have found a way to increase comfort and durability as well as making the ponchos more affordable by swapping part of the thread with high quality Dralon fibre. It is hard to say the exact composition with handmade products like these, but we're trying to be as transparent as possible.


• Hand wash OR machine wash in cold water

• Use regular detergent

• Do not bleach

• Lay flat to dry or hang on a washing line with heavy duty clips




It is one size fits all and measures:

Width: 49.21 inches

Height: 35.43 inches


The measurements are approximate, it could have a slight difference with the photos since it is individually handmade.

Colors may appear slightly different from photos due to screen resolution and settings, as well as colour variations in the same category.

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