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Warm and so cute - handmade, hooded baby ponchos

Warm and so cute - handmade, hooded baby ponchos

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Wrap your little one up in a handknitted, playful and warm hooded poncho. This product here is specifically for babies, Ages probably 6months up to 18 months, potentiallly even 2 years, depending on the size of your baby. Crafted with alpaca wool for a gentle feel, it's a unique addition to any little wardrobe. A great choice for fun and comfort! Ideal to use as car poncho when the drop-off is in the colder mornings.

Each one is one of a kind as they are handweaved and decorated with traditional patterns by artisanos in Ecuador.

The composition of materials is a blend of approximately 50% alpaca wool and 50% high quality acrylic fibre Dralon, which feels like very soft wool, but is more durable. This blend means that the ponchos are and stay soft and definitely non-scratchy for your little one, and also that, should they accidentally get washed in the washing machine, they might survive if you shake them out and brush out the frills.

Washing instructions:

Hand wash. Machine washable up to 20°C on handwash cycle only, little to no spin, don't tumble dry, don't bleach.

Gentle wash with a low spin is recommended.

Shoulder to lowest end of triangle cut incl frills 46cm
Neck opening width 20cm
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